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It's quick and simple for anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop to hook up to OI-WiFi. And signing up is as easy as opening your browser.
OI-WiFi connections are always super fast. OI-WiFi 802.11 Wi-Fi technology always gives you speedy broadband service.
OI-WiFi gives you the ability to take care of business whenever you roam. You're no longer limited to checking your email, shopping or researching on the Internet just at home. With OI-WiFi you're not tied down by cords and wires.
Time is of the essence... Now you can surf the Web or respond to emails while sipping a latté at your favorite coffee shop. With OI-WiFi, you can use your time productively and enjoyably.

OI-WiFi is an exciting and convenient way for people on the go to access high-speed wireless Internet from many locations across Indiana.
OI-WiFi requires no cords or cables. Once you're at any enabled location simply open your Internet browser and log into the OI-WiFi network. And OI-WiFi wireless Internet is much faster than a regular dial-up connection, you're just 60 seconds away from experiencing convenient blazing fast Internet. OI-WiFi Hotspot provides high-speed Wi-Fi wireless Internet service in convenient public locations and offers a wide range of service plans to meet your mobile needs.
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